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Ram 1500/2500/3500: Fold Flat Load Floor - If Equipped

Quad Cab and Crew Cab models with a 60/40 rear seat may be equipped with a folding load floor.

WARNING! Do not operate the vehicle with loose items stored on the load floor. While driving or in an accident you may experience abrupt stopping, rapid acceleration, or sharp turns. Loose objects stored on the load floor may move around with force and strike occupants, resulting in serious or fatal injury.

Unfolding the Load Floor

1. Lift the 60/40 seat cushion(s) to the upward position.

Fold Flat Load Floor - If Equipped
Unfolding The Load Floor

2. Grasp the knob on the load floor and lift the knob until the load floor unfolds into position.

Fold Flat Load Floor - If Equipped
Load Floor In Open Position

3. Reverse the procedure to store the load floor.

Positioning the Load Floor for Storage Access Under the Seat

1. Lift the 60/40 seat cushion(s) to the upward position.

2. Unsnap the securing snap located at either side of the load floor.

3. Lift the load floor up to access storage under the load floor.

WARNING! Do not drive with the load floor in the up position.

When stopping fast or in an accident, the load floor could move to the down position causing serious injury.

Fold Flat Load Floor - If Equipped
Load Floor Securing Straps

4. Reverse the procedure to put the load floor back in the secured down position before you operate the vehicle.


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