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Ram 1500/2500/3500: Selection Of Engine Oil For Flexible Fuel Vehicles (E-85) And Gasoline Vehicles

Ram Truck 1500 2500 3500 (2009 - 2018) Owner's Manual / Starting And Operating / Flexible Fuel (3.6L Engine Only) - If Equipped / Selection Of Engine Oil For Flexible Fuel Vehicles (E-85) And Gasoline Vehicles

FFV vehicles operated on E-85 require specially formulated engine oils. These special requirements are included in MOPAR engine oils, and in equivalent oils meeting Chrysler Specification MS-6395. The manufacturer only recommends engine oils that are API Certified and meet the requirements of Material Standard MS-6395. MS-6395 contains additional requirements, developed during extensive fleet testing, to provide additional protection to Chrysler Group LLC engines. Use MOPAR or an equivalent oil meeting the specification MS-6395.


The characteristics of E-85 fuel make it unsuitable for use when ambient temperatures fall below 0ºF (-18ºC). In the range of 0ºF (-18ºC) to 32ºF (0ºC), you may experience an increase in the time it takes for your engine to start, and a deterioration in driveability (sags and/or hesitations) until the engine is fully warmed up.

NOTE: Use of the engine block heater (if equipped) is beneficial for E-85 startability when the ambient temperature is less than 32ºF (0ºC).

Cruising Range

Because E-85 fuel contains less energy per gallon/liter than gasoline, you will experience an increase in fuel consumption. You can expect your miles per gallon (mpg)/miles per liter and your driving range to decrease by about 30%, compared to gasoline operation.

Replacement Parts

Many components in your Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) are designed to be compatible with ethanol. Always be sure that your vehicle is serviced with correct ethanol compatible parts.

CAUTION! Replacing fuel system components with non-ethanol compatible components can damage your vehicle.


CAUTION! Do not use ethanol mixture greater than 85% in your vehicle. It will cause difficulty in cold starting and may affect drivability.


     Adding Fuel

    The fuel filler cap (gas cap) is located behind the fuel filler door, on the left side of the vehicle. Open the fuel door and remove the fuel cap by turning it counterclockwise. Fuel Filler Cap NOTE:

     Vehicle Loading

    Certification Label As required by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulations, your vehicle has a certification label affixed to the driver's side door or pillar. This label contains t

     Trailer Towing


     Parking Brake

    Before leaving the vehicle, make sure that the parking brake is fully applied. Also, be certain to leave the transmission in PARK. The foot operated parking brake is located below the lower left corner of the instrument panel. To apply the park brake, firmly push the park brake pedal fully. To rele

     Six-Speed Automatic Transmission - 2500/3500 Models Only

    The transmission gear position display (located in the instrument cluster) indicates the transmission gear range. The shift lever is mounted on the right side of the steering column. You must press the brake pedal to move the shift lever out of PARK (refer to "Brake/Transmission Shift Interlock Sys

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