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Ram 1500/2500/3500: Child-Protection Door Lock

To provide a safer environment for children riding in the rear seat, the rear doors (if equipped) of your vehicle have the Child-Protection Door Lock system.

Door Locks
Child-Protection Door Lock Location

To use the system, open each rear door, use a flat blade screwdriver (or emergency key) and rotate the dial to engage and disengage the Child-Protection locks. When the system on a door is engaged, that door can only be opened by using the outside door handle even if the inside door lock is in the unlocked position.

Door Locks
Child Lock Control

WARNING! Avoid trapping anyone in a vehicle in a collision.

Remember that the rear doors can only be opened from the outside when the Child-Protection locks are engaged.


  • After setting the Child-Protection Door Lock system, always test the door from the inside to make certain it is in the desired position.
  • For emergency exit with the system engaged, move the door lock switch to the UNLOCK position, roll down the window and open the door with the outside door handle.


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