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Ram 1500/2500/3500: Electrical Power Outlets

The auxiliary 12 Volt (13 Amp) power outlets can provide power for in-cab accessories designed for use with the standard plug. The 12 Volt power outlets have a cap attached to the outlet indicating "12V DC," together with either a key symbol or a battery symbol.

A key symbol indicates that the key must be in the ON/RUN or ACC positions for the outlet to provide power. The battery symbol indicates that the outlet is connected to the battery, and can provide power at all times.

NOTE: To ensure proper operation, a MOPAR knob and element must be used.

The auxiliary power outlets can be found in the following locations:


  • Do not exceed the maximum power of 160Watts (13 Amps) at 12 Volts. If the 160Watts (13 Amps) power rating is exceeded, the fuse protecting the system will need to be replaced.
  • Power outlets are designed for accessory plugs only. Do not insert any other object in the power outlets as this will damage the outlet and blow the fuse. Improper use of the power outlet can cause damage not covered by your New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
  • Lower left and lower right of the center stack when equipped with a bench seat.

Electrical Power Outlets
Power Outlets - Center Stack

  • Center console when equipped with bucket seats.

Electrical Power Outlets
Power Outlet - Center Console

  • Inside the upper lid of the center storage compartment - if equipped.

Electrical Power Outlets
Power Outlet - Upper Lid

  • Rear of the center console storage compartment - Quad Cab or Crew Cab.

Electrical Power Outlets
Power Outlet - Rear Center Console

The key symbol indicates that this outlet can supply power when the key is in the ON/RUN or ACC positions.

All accessories connected to the outlet(s) should be removed or turned off when the vehicle is not in use to protect the battery against discharge.


To avoid serious injury or death:

  • Only devices designed for use in this type of outlet should be inserted into any 12 Volt outlet.
  • Do not touch with wet hands.
  • Close the lid when not in use and while driving the vehicle.
  • If this outlet is mishandled, it may cause an electric shock and failure.


  • Many accessories that can be plugged in draw power from the vehicle's battery, even when not in use (i.e., cellular phones, etc.). Eventually, if plugged in long enough, the vehicle's battery will discharge sufficiently to degrade battery life and/or prevent the engine from starting.
  • Accessories that draw higher power (i.e., coolers, vacuum cleaners, lights, etc.), will discharge the battery even more quickly. Only use these intermittently and with greater caution.
  • After the use of high power draw accessories, or long periods of the vehicle not being started (with accessories still plugged in), the vehicle must be driven a sufficient length of time to allow the generator to recharge the vehicle's battery.


     Power Inverter - If Equipped

    A 115 Volt (150 Watts Maximum) outlet is located on the center stack of the instrument panel, to the right of the radio. This outlet can power cellular phones, electronics and other low power devices


    Front Seat Cupholders (40-20-40 Seats) The cupholders are located on the backside of the center portion of the front seat (20). Fold down the center section of the front seat to gain access to the cup



     Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)

    The Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) features a driver-interactive display that is located in the instrument cluster. Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) The EVIC Menu items consists of the following: Digital Speedometer Vehicle Info Fuel Economy Info Trip A Trip B Stop/

     Replacement Parts

    Use of genuine MOPAR parts for normal/scheduled maintenance and repairs is highly recommended to ensure the designed performance. Damage or failures caused by the use of non-MOPAR parts for maintenance and repairs will not be covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Dealer Service Your authorize

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