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Ram 1500/2500/3500: Key Ignition Park Interlock

This vehicle is equipped with a Key Ignition Park Interlock which requires the transmission to be in PARK before the ignition switch can be turned to the full OFF (key removal) position. The Key Fob can only be removed from the ignition when the ignition is in the full OFF position, and the transmission is locked in PARK whenever the ignition switch is in the full OFF position.

NOTE: If a malfunction occurs, the system will trap the Key Fob in the ignition switch to warn you that this safety feature is inoperable. The engine can be started and stopped but the Key Fob cannot be removed until you obtain service.

Brake/Transmission Shift Interlock System

This vehicle is equipped with a Brake Transmission Shift Interlock System (BTSI) that holds the transmission gear selector in PARK unless the brakes are applied. To shift the transmission out of PARK, the ignition switch must be turned to the ON/RUN position (engine running, for vehicles with eight-speed transmission) and the brake pedal must be pressed.

In 8-speed vehicles, the brake pedal must also be pressed to shift from NEUTRAL into DRIVE or REVERSE when the vehicle is stopped or moving at low speeds.


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     Electronic Range Select (ERS) Operation - Six-Speed Transmission

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     Screen Setup Driver Selectable Items

    Odometer 000 000.0 Upper Left None Compass Outside Temp (default setting) Trans Temp Oil Temp Time Range To Empty (RTE) Average MPG Current MPG Trip A Trip B Trailer Trip (distance only) Trailer Brake Gain Upper Right None Compass (default setting) Outside Temp Trans Temp Oi

     Tire Pressure Information System (TPIS) 3500 Series Trucks

    Your vehicle may be equipped with a Tire Pressure Information System (TPIS). The Tire Pressure Information System (TPIS) uses wireless technology with wheel rim mounted electronic sensors to transmit tire pressure levels. Sensors mounted to each wheel as part of the valve stem transmit tire pressur

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