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Ram 1500/2500/3500: Manual Park Release - 8 Speed Transmission

WARNING! Always secure your vehicle by fully applying the parking brake, before activating the Manual Park Release. Activating the Manual Park Release will allow your vehicle to roll away if it is not secured by the parking brake or by proper connection to a tow vehicle. Activating the Manual Park Release on an unsecured vehicle could lead to serious injury or death for those in or around the vehicle.

In order to push or tow the vehicle in cases where the transmission will not shift out of PARK (such as a dead battery), a Manual Park Release is available.

Manual Park Release - 8 Speed Transmission
Manual Park Release Pull Strap

Follow these steps to activate the Manual Park Release:

1. Firmly apply the parking brake.

2. Using a small screwdriver or similar tool, remove the Manual Park Release access cover, which is just above the parking brake release handle, below and to the left of the steering column.

3. Using the screwdriver or similar tool, push the Manual Park Release lever locking tab (just below the middle of the lever) to the right.

4. While holding the locking tab in the disengaged position, pull the tether strap to rotate the lever rearward, until it locks in place pointing towards the driver's seat. Release the locking tab and verify that the Manual Park Release lever is locked in the released position.

5. The vehicle is now out of PARK and can be towed.

Release the parking brake only when the vehicle is securely connected to a tow vehicle.

To Reset The Manual Park Release:

1. Push the locking tab to the right, to unlock the lever.

2. Rotate the Manual Park Release lever forward to its original position, until the locking tab snaps into place to secure the lever.

3. Pull gently on the tether strap to confirm that the lever is locked in its stowed position.

4. Re-install the access cover.


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