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Ram 1500/2500/3500: Second Row In-Floor Storage Bin - If Equipped

In-floor storage bins are located in front of the second row seats and can be used for extra storage. The storage bins have removable liners that can be easily removed for cleaning.

In-Floor Storage Bin And Latch

To open in-floor storage bin, lift upward on the handle of the latch and open the lid.

NOTE: The front seat may have to be moved forward to fully open the lid.

Opened Storage Bin

Seatback Storage

Located in the back of both the driver and passenger front seats are pockets that can be used for storage.

Drivers Side Seatback Storage

Storage (Regular Cab)

The storage bin is located behind the front seats and runs the length of the cab.

Storage Bin

Storage and Seats (Crew Cab)

The Crew Cab models provide additional storage under the rear seats. Lift the seats to access the storage compartment.

To open the storage compartments, lift upward on the handle of the latch and open the lid.

Crew Cab Storage

CAUTION! Always lift the storage compartment lids by using the handle. Failure to lift the lids by using the handle can result in damage to the lids.

Plastic Grocery Bag Retainers (Regular Cab Models)

Retainer hooks which will hold plastic grocery bag handles are built into the back panel of the cab, behind the rear seat.

Grocery Bag Hooks


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