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Ram 1500/2500/3500: Things To Know Before Using Your Winch

General Winch Information

Your vehicle is equipped with an electric vehicle recovery winch. This winch uses the electrical power from the vehicle charging system to power a motor that winds wire rope into the winch drum via planetary gear reduction.

By nature, a winch is capable of generating very high forces and should be used with care. Do not operate the winch without reading and understanding the complete winch owner's manual.

Tensioning The Wire Rope

The winch rope must be properly tensioned before use.

Follow the instructions below to tension the rope:

1. Un-spool the wire rope leaving five wraps of rope on the winch drum.

2. Attach the hook to a suitable anchor point.

CAUTION! Be certain the anchor will withstand the load required to tension the wire rope.

3. Apply at least 500 lbs (227 kg) of tension to the rope while winding the rope. Always use care to ensure the rope does not pile up on one side of the drum and is neatly wound onto the drum.

CAUTION! Wire rope must spool on the winch drum in the direction indicated on the drum rotation decal on the winch.

Low Voltage Interrupt

Your winch is equipped with a device that will interrupt winch function if the vehicle charging system voltage drops to a low level. The winch will not power-in or out for 30 seconds if this device is tripped. If the interrupt is tripped, the vehicle should be operated at high idle for a few minutes to allow the vehicle charging system to recover before continuing to winch.

Winch Motor Thermal Protection

Your winch is equipped with a thermal protection device in the motor. If the winch is operated for an excessive duration, the device may interrupt motor function to protect the winch motor. During this time the winch will power-out but will not power-in. Allow the winch motor to cool for a few minutes before continuing to winch. The winch will resume normal function once the motor cools.


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