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Ram 1500/2500/3500: Understanding The Features Of Your Winch

Understanding The Features Of Your Winch
Winch Components

  1. Motor: The winch motor is powered by the vehicle charging system and features a thermal protection switch that automatically stops motor function in the power-in direction if the motor gets too hot.
  2. Remote Socket: The remote socket allows the remote control to be attached to the control pack to allow the winch to function.
  3. Winch Drum With Integral Brake: The winch drum allows the wire rope to be stored on the winch and transmits force to the wire rope. The winch is equipped with an integral brake that will stop rotation of the winch drum if the winch motor is stopped.
  4. 3-Stage Planetary Gear Set: Provides balance between speed and pulling power.
  5. Wire Rope: The wire rope allows the winch to be connected to an anchor to provide a pulling force.
  6. Clutch Lever: The clutch lever allows the winch drum to be disconnected from the winch motor to allow the wire rope to be pulled from the winch by hand.
  7. Remote Control: The remote control provides the interface between the winch operator and the winch.

    The remote control provides the ability to power the winch in, out, and stop the winch. To operate the winch, the toggle switch is pressed down to power the winch in and up to power the winch out. The winch will stop if the switch is left in the neutral (center) position.

CAUTION! If not installed, the hook strap must be placed on the hook.

Fairlead: The fairlead acts as a guide for the wire rope and minimizes damage to the rope.


     Winch Accessories

    The following accessories are necessary to attach the winch to anchors, change direction of pull, and for safe winching. Gloves: Wire rope, through use, will develop barbs which can slice skin. It i

     Operating Your Winch

    WARNING! Failure to observe any of these warnings regarding proper winch usage may result in severe injury. Always use supplied hook strap to hold the hook when spooling wire rope in or out. Never

     Rigging Techniques

    Various winching situations will require application of other winching techniques. These could range from too little distance to achieve maximum pull using straight line rigging, simply increasing pul


     Six-Speed Automatic Transmission - 1500 Models Only (If Equipped)

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    Some models may be equipped with an eight-way power driver's seat. The power seat switches are located on the outboard side of the driver's seat cushion. There are two power seat switches that are used to control the movement of the seat cushion and the seatback. Power Seat Switches Power Seat S

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