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Ram 1500/2500/3500: Bed Rail Tie-Down System

CAUTION! The maximum load per cleat should not exceed 250 lbs (113 kg) and the angle of the load on each cleat should not exceed 45 degrees above horizontal, or damage to the cleat or cleat rail may occur.

There are two adjustable cleats on each side of the bed that can be used to assist in securing cargo.

RamBox - If Equipped
Adjustable Cleats

Each cleat must be located and tightened down in one of the detents, along either rail, in order to keep cargo properly secure.

To move the cleat to any position on the rail, turn the nut counterclockwise, approximately three turns. Then pull out on the cleat and slide it to the detent nearest the desired location. Make sure the cleat is seated in the detent and tighten the nut.

RamBox - If Equipped

  1. Utility Rail Detent
  2. Cleat Retainer Nut
  3. Utility Rail Cleat

To remove the cleats from the utility rail, remove the end cap screw located in the center of the end cap, using a #T30 Torx head driver. Remove the end cap and slide the cleat off the end of the rail.

RamBox - If Equipped
Utility Rail End Cap


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